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SAP® MaxDB - Database Configuration

This section deals with information about database configuration e.g. Volumes, Parameters.

Moderator: Birgit Malik

WIKI Space Editor: Thiago Lüttig


  • Page:
    Volume Configuration This page deals with information about SAP MaxDB configuration for data and log volumes.

  • Page:
    SAP MaxDB IO Setup This page gives recommendation for I/O setup of the storage system.

Helpful Notes with Reference to SAP MaxDB Configuration

FAQ Notes:

  • 820824 FAQ SAP MaxDB/liveCache
  • 952783 FAQ SAP MaxDB High Availability
  • 869267 FAQ MaxDB LOG area

General Recommendations:

  • 1013441 Upgrade required: Advantages for SAP MaxDB on 64-bit
  • 993848 Direct I/O mount options for SAP MaxDB

Database Parameter Recommendations:

  • 1346964 SAP MaxDB 7.9 database parameter recommendations

  • 1308217 SAP MaxDB 7.8 database parameter recommendations
  • 1004886 SAP MaxDB Version 7.7 parameter recommendations
  • 814704 SAP MaxDB Version 7.6 parameter recommendations