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Database Studio 7.9 on SWDC

Database Studio comes for 64 bit platforms (Microsoft Windows or Linux) only.
In order to download it, make sure to enter in the filter one of those platforms.

    • WINDOWS ON X64 64 BIT
    • LINUX ON X86_64 64 BIT 


Database Studio 7.9 on SCN

Search for Database Studio in the SAP Store ( or click on this link: Database Studio in SAP Store

Find documentation for Database Studio 7.9.09 here: Database Studio, Working with Database Analyzer Charts

Working with database analyzer charts is also described in expert session on

  • Session 2: Basic Administration with Database Studio -> News 2016
  • Session 22: SAP MaxDB Database Analyzer / Charts -> Charts

Further Information: SAP notes 2213168, 1097311Problems when Database Studio is launched, regarding the predecessor version see also  Database Studio 7.9.08 News.


Version Database Studio has the following corrections:


  • Incomplete list of backups from external backup tool, "Continue" does not work
    (PTS 1264661)
    Database Studio recovery via medium with backups from external backup tool did not display the expected list of external backups.  
    Database Studio provides the whole list of external backups as shown by the dbmcli commands "backup_ext_ids_get <backup template>", "backup_ext_ids_list" and      "backup_ext_ids_listnext".


  • Administration → DBA History display, "Continue" does not work
    (PTS 1264621 )
    Database Studio did not display correctly long DBAHistory files larger than 250 KB (about 3250 lines). (See file dbahist.prt in the folder  <database run directory>/dbahist) 
    Database Studio displays up to 20000 recent records of the dbahist.prt file.  

  • Recovery via backup history and parallel backup template
    (PTS 1264476)
    Recovery based on the backup history erroneously  skipped the incremental backup if  the data backup was done on a parallel backup template.
    The backup history in this case could look like this:
    - Complete Data on a parallel backup template
    - Incremental Data
    - Log
    During the recovery Database Studio erroneously considered the incremental backup part as belonging to the "recover data" step.
    Database Studio corrects this issue.


  • Recovery via backup history with incremental backup alternatively to log backups
    (PTS 1264563)
    Recovery from history if there is an incremental backup alternativly to log backups then Database Studio selected the data backup and the appropriate incremental backup and provided this as recovery strategy. If deselecting the incremental backup then the "Next" button was actived but did not work. 
    With Database Studio the "Next" botton works again and it is also possible to stop recovery after the full database backup has been restored successfully.


  • Recovery of external filesystem snapshot via backup template device type "EXTERNAL" did not work
    (PTS 1251332)
    Starting with context menu function "Recovery..." on a backup template with device type "EXTERNAL" Database Studio did not send the right recover statement to the DBM Server.
    1. Database Studio sends the correct statement:
        instead of:    recover_start  <template name> DATA
        it is now:  recover_start  <template name for external snapshot> DATA ExternalBackupID <freely chosen external backup ID>
    2. Database Studio comes with an improved guiding message in the wizard: 
      • Instead of: 
        "You have completed the steps required to perform a recovery. Make the specified medium available and choose "Start""
      • It is improved to:  
        "You have chosen this backup template to recover an external filesystem snapshot. Restore the data volumes on file system level with the file system backup of your choice. If you have restored the data volumes on file system level choose "Start"."



Version Database Studio has the following Corrections and Features:


  • Backup history details corrected:
    in case backup was successful from kernel point of view but not successful on the backup tool side.
    (PTS 1263937, 1263938) 

  • Function Administration Tasks - Diagnosis Package - Generate:
    has been enhanced and corrected so that it's applicable also for liveCache instances of kernel version and higher. 
    (PTS 1264336, PTS 1264230)      

  • Messages in Console window suppressed:

    • Could not create 'Local Folders' repository. Diagnosis Local Folder, See log for details.

    • Could not create 'Local Folders' repository. Diagnosis Shared Folder, See log for details.
      if the preferences "Diagnosis Local Folder" and "Diagnosis Shared Folder" have not been specified.

  • Error messages in Event Log Viewer suppressed:

    • Catalog cannot be displayed due to:Cannot connect to jdbc:sapdb://BERD31651376A/LVC1 [Restart required].  when the database is OFFLINE.
      Now this kind of information can only be seen as warning only in the log file <workspace>\.metadata\.plugins\\dbstudio.log file.

    • Invalid entry in local folder property: Diagnosis Shared Folder

    • Invalid entry in local folder property: Diagnosis Local Folder

  • Improved context menue in table representation of CSV files:
    When displaying the CSV files under Diagnosis Files / DB Analyzer File as tables the context menue varies depending on the other opened CSV files.  
    The potential menue functions are f.e.:
    • Compare with <another opened CSV file of another date and same type>
    • Concatenate with <another opened CSV file of adjazent date and same type>
    • Merge with <another opened CSV file of another type and same date>
  • Improved context menue in the explorer and navigator regarding the date folders under Diagnosis Files / DB Analyzer File:
    • Display via Metric Template
    • Compare via Metric Template
    • Concatenate via Metric Template

  • It is possible to specify threshold values Min/Max for one column per chart:
    • If there are values in the column which exceed the Max value or are less than the Min value specified the part with these values is being highlighted.
  • Import of landscapes function now also provides a Cancel button
  • Improved handling of log files smaller than 20 MB:
    The default preference setting for Log File Viewer is now: "Use log file viewer for large files if the log file size exceeds 20 MB." Before it was 10 MB.
    This means that the logs <20 MB are handled with the simple editor which loads the whole content into the cache.
  • Improved handling of "Save to Diagnosis Local ..."/ "Save to Diagnosis Shared...": 
    When copying Database Analyzer data from any database to the local or shared folder sometimes it can happen that some files are not copied successfully.
    In this situation now the user is being informed which files were not copied successfully.

Version Database Studio has the following new feature:

  • Manual log backup is made possible although automatic log backup is enabled. 
    Prerequisite: database versions, and newer. 

Version Database Studio has the following corrections and features:

  • Log backup sequence while recovery corrected: 
    While recovery now Database Studio takes care of the right log backup sequence in cases where the log backup entries in the backup history have been written before the entry of the data backup where they belong to.
    (PTS 1254917)
  • Installation on Linux x86/64, executable flag on bin directory of sapjvm binaries corrected (Database Studio on Linux x86/64 only):       
    During installation of Database Studio which installs the sapjvm runtime library now the executable flag is set correctly in directory /sapdb/clients/DatabaseStudio/sapjvm/sapjvm_8_jre/bin.  Without the executable flag Database Studio did not start.
    (PTS 1263437)
  • Percentage values between 95% and 100% corrected in some displays: 
    The percentage values are not shown properly in the area 95% to 100%.     
    (PTS 1263539)
  • "Merge via Metric Template" now with corrected chart titles:
    In the explorer tree if comparing two date folders by the context function "Merge via Metric Template" it could happen that the dates in the chart title are not correct.
    Now the dates in the chart title are corrected.
    (PTS 1254939)
  • Delete Database background/foreground switch corrected:
    Delete Database in background can be brought again to the foreground by clicking on the Delete Database line in Running state.
    (PTS 1254837)
  • Session specific vtrace now supported:
    Creating a session specific vtrace is now possible. 
    (PTS 1243207)
  • Installation of Database Studio:
    The following error message will not occur anymore.
    ERR:  Cannot open "C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\drivers\etc\services" to write: No such file or directory
    ERR:  Cannot open "<SystemDirectory>\drivers\etc\services" to write: No such file or directory
    (Note 1097311)
  • Improved Hot Standby (with shared log area) support:
    Now Database Studio fully supports the Hot Standby (with shared log area) functionality of MaxDB.
    • configure / enable / disable a hotstandby system
    • add / delete hotstandby nodes.
      (PTS 1252989)

  • Functionality "Mark productive":
    It is possible to mark individual databases as "productive" to emphasize visually the productive role of the system. 
    In the explorer view select the database you want to be marked and choose the p
    roperties function.
    Database Environment and mark the check box Database is a productive database.
    As result the database icon in the explorer is presented in orange and all administration windows appear with a colored header. 
    To change the color of the header for productive databases select in the preferences window -> Database Studio -> Editors -> Push the button Color for productive Databases and select another color.
    (PTS 1243276)

  • "Restore connection state of database on startup" not set per default:
    In the preference window the option Restore connection state of databases on startup is not set per default anymore. As consequence in case some database are not reachable because of network problems Database Studio will not block anymore waiting for the network.
    (PTS 1254765)
  • Change of meaning of Yes/No on import landscape function:
    When importing the a landscape file into Database Studio, now the meaning of the answer Yes/No works like yes: "do the merge", no: "ignore the import".
    (PTS 1254930)

  • Enhanced database parameter wizard - activation of parameter evaluation of dependencies:
    The database parameter wizard offers now the possibility to reset a user modified parameter to its default value. Additionally the parameter is reactivated regarding the calculation of other depending parameter values, according to the formulas specified in the parameter configuration file.
    (PTS 1253629)
  • Clipboard restriction when copying knlMsg files is now set to 10 000 KB instead of 100 000 Bytes.
    (PTS 1263470)



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  1. Hello,


    where can I find version In the SWDC there is only version, in the store is ....




    1. Hello Jan,
      thanks for the feedback. Preset selection in the widget can cause the effect, that you don't find the newest Database Studio download.
      Just adjust in the filter drop down widget the right selection:

      Attention:  Database Studio comes for 64 bit platforms (Microsoft Windows or Linux) only. In order to download it, make sure to enter one of those platforms
        • WINDOWS ON X64 64 BIT
        • LINUX ON X86_64 64 BIT 

      Best regards,