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Deadlocks detected: <count> 


Two or more sessions block each other because they are requesting locks that are held by another session which is also waiting.
Deadlocks generally should be prevented because sessions are blocked for a long time until a timeout occurs or one of the sessions is cancelled. 

User Response

Check in table DETECTEDDEADLOCKS or in transaction DB50 (Performance → Locks → SQL Locks: Deadlocks) which tables were affected. Usually changes have to be done on application side to prevent these occurrences.  

More Information


Relevant  DB-Analyzer Files
Helpful with ...
SAP Notes 
1243937 - FAQ: SAP MaxDB/liveCache SQL and object locks Find general information about SQL/object lock mechanisms and how to influence the behaviour.
Expert Sessions (link to trainings)
Content / Helpful with ...
Session 12: Analysis of SQL Locking Situations Find more information how deadlocks may arise and how to prevent them. 
Documentation (links) 
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