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FAQ SAP MaxDB Third-party Backup Tools

This section is a collection of the questions regarding third-party backup tools. It provides answers and refers you to other information sources.

Which third-party backup tools are supported for SAP MaxDB?

  • TSM (IBM/Tivoli)
  • NetWorker (Legato)
  • NetBackup (Veritas)
  • Data Protector or Omniback (HP)
  • all backup tools that support Backint for Oracle
  • all backup tools that support Backint for MaxDB

Where can I find documentation about third-party backup tools supported for SAP MaxDB?

The documententation for third-party backup tools can be found  here. Check also information in Problems with third-party backup tools. Backint for SAP MaxDB is described here.

Certification of Third-Party Backup Tools

See Certify My SolutionFind SAP Certified Solutions. Certified solutions directory.

SAP ICC Integration Scenario - SAP NetWeaver Application Server - Backup Tools for MaxDB (formerly SAPDB) (BC - SDB)

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