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General information about SAP liveCache

This section describes where further information about the SAP liveCache can be found. 

SAP liveCache information in SAP Community: use tag SCM APO SAP liveCache 

Documentation: liveCache (SAP liveCache Technology), Best practices for SAP with standalone SAP liveCache, Note 2068007 Feature List for SAP liveCache Version 7.9

The SAP liveCache is administered by transaction LC10, which is described in more detail in sections liveCache transactions and SAP liveCache Problems.

Further information about the liveCache is available in BIS which is accessible for SAP employees only. Choose "Product Management and then "Media" to get there: For example detailled information about the liveCache from the TechEd Workshop 2001 can be accessed there: A bit less elaborate but more up-to-date is information from the TechEd Workshop 2005: More information about transaction LC10 can be found in BIS:

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