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Please follow below steps to perform the maxdb upgrade:

1> Download new SAP MaxDB patches from Software Download Center (SWDC) -> Databases -> SAP MaxDB (see note 1672252)

2> Stop the SAP system

3> To check the current version of SAP MaxDB database

Login to databse system and switch to sqd<sid>

Issue below command:

sdbregview -l



4> Stop the database

Login to database host and switch to sqd<sid>

issue command dbmcli -U c


5> Upgrade procedure

  • Login to database host as user root.
  • Extract  the downloaded SAP MaxDB file and navigate to downloaded upgrade media  and  enter the command

     .  SDBUPD –d <database_name> -u control,<password>

    (This should be done as user root and not as sqd<sid>)

                  After the upgrade is over





6> To check the new installed version

       Switch to sqd<sid>

        Give the command sdbuninst –l


7>  Start SAP system

More Information

SAP MaxDB Installation and Upgrade Guides



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  1. Hello Prem,

    Thanks - worked like a charm! Just one question/suggestion:

    "sdbuninst -l" does not work for me. Were you probably wanting to use "sdbregview -l". This command also prints out the version numbers you show in your screens.


  2. Hi Daniel, thanks for reporting this issue. In newer versions sdbuninst -l to display all installed packages exists, too (see PTS 1263894). Nevertheless depending on database version it is possible that the Option does not exist, so I changed the description Regards Birgit