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HowTo - Database Migration to SAP MaxDB

Information about how to proceed a database migration to the target database SAP MaxDB.

SAP MaxDB Information

SAP® MaxDB is the database management system developed and supported by SAP AG. SAP MaxDB is available on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Unix, and for the most prominent hardware platforms

Useful Information

You will find detailed information about SAP MaxDB in SAP Community SAP MaxDB Community.  

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Frequently asked questions about SAP MaxDB are answered in the SAP MaxDB FAQ

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Platforms Supported by SAP MaxDB

This information is available in the Product Availability Matrix (PAM).

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License Fee

To get information about the license fee of using SAP MaxDB in your system landscape please contact SAP sales. For more information on SAP MaxDB for SAP applications, please visit the SAP  Contact Page, where you will be directed to the nearest SAP sales office.

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OS/DB Migration Service

Customer who want to migrate their database to another database system have to order the SAP OS/DB Migration service. You can find information on the subject of database migrations in the SAP Support Portal. The Information in SAP OS/DB Migration Check provides a detailed explanation of the steps and services included  in the database migration check.

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SAP MaxDB Migration Support Service

SAP has developed a special service for customers who are migrating to SAP MaxDB. The SAP MaxDB migration support service allows customers continuous access to a SAP MaxDB specialist during the initial phase of production operation. In this way, they can avail directly of expert knowledge on the topic of performance and monitoring. Workshops and best practise guides are used to transfer the knowledge to employees, thus promoting automonous learning or 'self-help'.

For more information on this service, see SAP Services for SAP MaxDB Migration

If you have any other questions, please send a mail to

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SAP recommends the following trainings for SAP MaxDB database administrators:

ADM515: SAP MaxDB Database Administration 

Use online training material and our administration/monitoring training in order to build up the necessary knowledge for your administrators. You can find more information about the trainings in SAP MaxDB Education.

If you have any additional questions open a customer call on component BC-DB-SDB or post the questions to the tag SAP MaxDB in the SAP MaxDB Community

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Recommended SAP MaxDB Version

SAP recommends to use database version 7.9. Please check PAM which database version is available for your application. See also SAP Note 1178367 SAP MaxDB: End of Support Dates.

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Hints for SAP MaxDB Volume Configuration

You will find general hints for the SAP MaxDB volume configuration in the Volume Configuration and SAP MaxDB I/O Setup.

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Hints for Memory Configuration

you will find general hints for MaxDb memory configuration in SAP MaxDB Memory Sizing.

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Database Parameter Recommendation

During the installation process most of the database parameters are set automatically depending on the system environment. Nevertheless some database parameter settings depend on the SAP MaxDB software version. For more information see SAP MaxDB Database Parameter Recommendations

The OS/DB Migration Analysis Service will also give recommendation about database and SAP system parameter settings. We strongly recommend to order this service.
SAP OS/DB Migration Check.
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Test the Migration

Useful Information

A certified consultant has to perform the database migration itself.
Plan sufficient time in order to perform test migrations of the database. Resolve possible migration problems during the test phase.

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Check your Main SAP-and NON-SAP-Standard Application Programs

Perform functional testing after test migration. Evaluate the performance of important transactions and reports. It is normal that applications have to be tuned with new database.
With SAP MaxDB the index design is very important in order to reach sufficient performance. The index design of SAP MaxDB differs from other databases; therefore some existing indexes may not work properly and have to be changed or created a new.
For more information see SAP MaxDB Primary Key and Indexes

You don't need to do such analysis by yourself. The SAP Services for SAP MaxDB Migration (MMS) provides assistance in tuning the application.

The MMS service supports you in tuning your customer applications in two parts:
Part 1 analyzes and optimizes the most important applications for your daily business in the test system prior to the productive migration. This ensures sufficient performance of the most important applications after the productive migration.
Part 2 tunes the database during the first days of productive work with the new database.

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Create a Backup Concept

The backup cycle defines the period for which backup media is stored before reusing it. SAP recommends a backup cycle of 28 days. This is a compromise between the amount of backup media required and the ability to successfully react to possible error situations.
You should test the usability of the backup tapes once in each backup cycle.

SAP recommends the following backup strategy:

  • perform one complete database backup and at least one additional incremental database backup per week.
  • enable AUTOSAVE LOG or back up log files each workday
  • monitor and resolve backup errors daily.

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More Information

SAP MaxDB Installation and Upgrade Guides