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Lock list escalations: <count>


The number of row locks in a table is too high. The database system attempts to convert the row locks into a table lock.

User Response

You can specify the maximum number of possible row locks in the lock list in the general database parameter MaxSQLLocks. The database system attempts to convert the row lock to a table lock if a task holds more than
0,1 * MaxSQLLocks
row locks in a table. If too many escalations occur, increase the parameter value.

Whether escalations lead to problems depends strongly on the application in question. If escalations occur, check the application to see whether you can split any change transactions that lock many rows into several individual transactions.

More information

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65946 - Lock escalations  
1243937 - FAQ: SAP MaxDB/liveCache SQL and object locks General information about the sort of locks.
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Session 12: Analysis of SQL locking situationsProvides detailed information about the MaxDB locking concept. 
Documentation (links)
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general database parameterHow to set the parameter influencing locking behaviour 
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