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Log area filling level <percentage>%, <number_of> pages configured, <number> used



The fill level of the log area is high. If the fill level is 100%, the database stops.

User Response

Back up the log area. If necessary, activate automatic log backups. If automatic log backups are already activated, check whether the last backup was successful.


More Information

Relevant  DB-Analyzer FilesHelpful with ...
DBAN_BACKUP.csv... investigation of (log) backup behaviour (f.e. read/write times, amount to be saved)
SAP NotesHelpful with ...
869267 - FAQ: SAP MaxDB Log AreaProvides general information about logging concepts. 
Expert SessionsContent / Helpful with ...
Session 10: SAP MaxDB LoggingProvides general information about logging concepts.
Session 11: SAP MaxDB Backup and RecoveryProvides general information about backup and recovery.
Documentation (Links)Helpful with ...
Database Administration
Backing Up Log Entries
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