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Activities for logwriter task <task_pid>: writes <number> (<number_of> pages written), avg. write time <duration> ms, suspends <number>, avg. suspend time <abs_duration> (<rel_duration>) ms


The logwriter task is responsible for writing the information of the log queue(s) to the log volume. In case of high log activity it is important that this does not prove as a bottleneck because performance problems (wait times) for the users doing changes on the database would be the result.

User Response

Watch the write times of the logwriter to the disks. It should not exceed 20 ms. And the number of suspends and its time should not lead to a high priority warning.  
Check the write performance of the log volumes.

More Information

Relevant  DB-Analyzer FilesHelpful with ...
 DBAN_LOGGING.csvContains information about logging activities.
SAP Notes 
869267 - FAQ: SAP MaxDB Log areaProvides detailed information about the SAP MaxDB logging concept.
Expert SessionsContent / Helpful with ...
Session 10: SAP MaxDB Logging Provides detailed information about the SAP MaxDB logging concept.
Documentation (links) 
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