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'<allocator_name>' allocated <number_of> MB from allocator base '<allocator_base_name'

'<allocator_name>' allocated <number_of> MB from allocator base '<allocator_base_name', <percentage>% of configured OMS heap (<size> MB)


Second message can occur for SAP liveCache technology only.

First of all these messages have an informative character. If you often observe a high percentage value the OMS heap might be configured too small.

User Response

Check if the configuration of the OMS heap is adequate. It could be enlarged to make sure that you are not running out of resources. 

More Information

Relevant  DB-Analyzer FilesHelpful with ...
DBAN_SYS_ALLOCATION.csv Information about memory allocation on runtime environment memory and system heap allocator 
DBAN_OMS_HEAP.csv Information on the OMS heap (such as occupancy, current size, collisions)
SAP Notes 
1128916 - FAQ: SAP MaxDB/liveCache Heap-Management   Provides information about the memory usage of the SAP MaxDB/liveCache kernel process. 
Expert SessionsContent / Helpful with ...
Documentation (links) 
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