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Number of cached history pages (<number>) exceeds number of cached OMS pages (<number>), cache filling level <percentage>%


This message can occur for SAP liveCache technology only.

In the data cache, the number of history pages is higher than the number of OMS data pages. 

User Response

Search for old OMS versions and transactions that prevent the history pages from being deleted in the data cache.

Check whether the reports /SAPAPO/OM_REORG_DAILY and /SAPAPO/OM_DELETE_OLD_SIMSESS are being executed at regular intervals.  


More Information

Relevant  DB-Analyzer Files
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DBAN_CACHE_OCCUPANCY.csvCache load and occupancy (proportion of OMS, SQL, and history pages in the data cache)
more DBAN_OMS files ? 
SAP Note
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Expert Sessions (Link to trainings)
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Documentation (links)
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Database Administration in CCMS 
Monitoring OMS Versions


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