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OMS emergency heap max used:  <count> MB



This message can occur for SAP liveCache technology only.


User Response


More Information

Relevant  DB-Analyzer Files
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DBAN_CACHE_OCCUPANCY.csvCache load and occupancy (proportion of OMS, SQL, and history pages in the data cache)
DBAN_OMS.csv Number of calls by DB procedures, dereferences, deleted objects, history accesses
DBAN_OMS_CONTAINER.csv  Information on class containers (such as number of classes, occupancy, number of free pages)
DBAN_OMS_HEAP.csv Information on the OMS heap (such as occupancy, current size, collisions)
SAP Note
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Expert Sessions (Link to trainings)
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Documentation (links)
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Database Administration in CCMS  Monitoring OMS Versions<übernommen>


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