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History cache hitrate <percentage>%, <number> of <number of> accesses failed


This message can occur for SAP liveCache databases only.

The hit rate when accessing history data (links to undo log entries for the objects) in the data cache is too low. In a running SAP liveCache application, the hit rate should not fall below 100%, otherwise the data must be read physically.

The hit rate may fall for short periods of time, for example, when objects are accessed for the first time.

User Response

Check the following points:

  • The data cache load
  • The size of the plan version
  • Long-running OMS versions
  • Configuration of the SAP liveCache database and the hardware


More Information

Relevant  DB-Analyzer Files
Helpful with ...
DBAN_CACHE_OCCUPANCY.csvCache load and occupancy (proportion of OMS, SQL, and history pages in the data cache)
DBAN_OMS_HEAP.csvInformation on the OMS heap (such as occupancy, current size, collisions) 
DBAN_CPU_UTILIZATION.csv Information about the system load: CPU usage in user and system mode 
SAP Note
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