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<number_of> out of memory exceptions

OMS out of memory exceptions : <count>


This message can occur for SAP liveCache technology only.

DB procedures failed due to too little memory in the OMS heap.

User Response

  • Look in the kernel log for more detailed information.
  • Check the OMS versions, and check how much space they occupy in the OMS heap, for example, by using the log files DBAN_OMS_VERSIONS.csv and DBAN_OMS_HEAP.csv.
  • Check the OMS heap and, if possible, increase the size of the heap.


More Information

Relevant  DB-Analyzer Files
Helpful with ...
DBAN_CACHE_OCCUPANCY.csvCache load and occupancy (proportion of OMS, SQL, and history pages in the data cache)
DBAN_OMS_HEAP.csvInformation on the OMS heap (such as occupancy, current size, collisions) 
DBAN_CPU_UTILIZATION.csv Information about the system load: CPU usage in user and system mode 
SAP Note
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Database Administration
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Concepts of the Database System
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