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SAP® MaxDB - Performance Analysis Tools


This section describes the general tools and transactions for performance monitoring.

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SAP System

The SAP system offers a range of transactions with which you can analyze performance problems: ST03, ST05, STAD, SE30, DB05, DBACOCKPIT, DB50, DB59, and SE11.

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Non SAP System

In a non-SAP system, the application has to make appropriate analysis programs available, or you have to use operating system tools. This guide does not cover these.

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SAP MaxDB provides various tools and methods for the analysis of database performance bottlenecks and monitoring current database activities. Some of these tools were originally developed only for testing and analysis in SAP MaxDB development, but can also be used by experienced database administrators for performance analysis. The following are of particular importance for this performance analysis:

  • The Database Analyzer program for analyzing performance bottlenecks.
  • The Command Monitor diagnosis function for identifying long-running or poorly-processed SQL statements.
  • The Resource Monitor diagnosis function for measuring all long-running SQL statements.

In SAP systems, you can control and analyze all functions and results using transaction DBACOCKPIT and DB50. The output here is formatted in a user-friendly way. You can also control the functions by means of SQL statements. However, the evaluation requires knowledge of the system tables used as well as the interpretation of the data contained therein. Database Studio provides a quick overview of the function(s) that is (are) currently active. You find entries for Command Monitor, Resource Monitor and Database Analyzer, together with the respective status.

Database Analyzer, Command Monitor, Resource Monitor, DBA Cockpit

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