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Pin area hitrate <percentage>%, <number> of <number_of> accesses failed, pin area used : <used_percentage>%


With the definition of a special attribute (CACHE)  tables can be "pinned" into the data cache.  The used LRU (least recently used) mechanism is influenced and the data is kept longer in the cache than usual.

The message informs about the usage of these pin areas. If it is too small not all tables with the CACHE attribute can be kept in the cache and this will lead to a bad hitrate.

User Response

In case of an extensive use of pinned tables the defined pin area might be configured too small and should be enlarged.

More Information

Relevant  DB-Analyzer Files
Helpful with ...
 DBAN_CACHES.csvInformation on pinned pages, hitrates.
SAP Notes 
1474589 -  FAQ: SAP MaxDB Object PinningIn process. German only. Might be helpful anyway.
Expert Sessions
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Internal only: No recorded expert session available. Find some information in delta powerpoints to 7.9.  

Short description of table pinning.  
Documentation (links) 
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