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Number of tasks requesting a region <count>

<count> tasks are waiting for region <region_name> owned by task <task_id>

Region <region_name> blocked from task <task_id> last <duration> seconds

<region_name>: collision rate <percentage>%, <number_of> collisions, <number_of> waits (<percentage>%), <number_of> accesses on region <region_id>

<region_name>: collision rate <percentage>%,<number_of> collisions, no waits,<number_of> accesses on region <region_id>


There are different types of synchronization objects  (reader writer locks, regions). Find some descriptions under DBAN_REGIONS.csv in "More information".

Collisions and wait states have a negative impact on the performance as the tasks hinder each other.  

User Response

If there are high collision rates and blocking situations they should be investigated in development.


More Information

Relevant  DB-Analyzer Files
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 DBAN_REGIONS.csv Information about accesses to critical sections
SAP Notes 
Expert Sessions
Content / Helpful with ...
Session 27: SAP MaxDB Multi Tasking Find more information about region use. 
Documentation (links) 
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