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Back up the data and redo log entries from the data and log areas of your database to data carriers on a regular basis. Backups can be carried out in the ONLINE operational state. This means that the database is available for users during the backup.

Use Database Studio for backups. For more information, see the documentation: Backup

If the database fails due to a hardware defect or a logical error, you can restore the database to a consistent state by importing the data and log entries that have been saved in the backups. You can use the backups you created on the Microsoft Windows operating system on Unix and Linux operating systems, and vice versa.

SAP MaxDB supports the use of a range of backup tools from other providers. Using scripts, you can also use all other backup tools that can process backups from pipes. For more information, see Backup Tool.  

Example: Backup and Recovery

The following graphic shows an example of how you can save the database while it is running and then restore the data after a system breakdown using data and log backups.

1. Create a complete data backup of the database DEMODB to a backup medium.

2. Activate the automatic log backup. From now on, the database system continually creates log backups in backup files.

3. At regular intervals, create incremental data backups.

4. A system failure occurs due to a hardware error of the hard disk that contains the data area of the database. The hard disk that contains the log area, however, remains undamaged.

5. To restore the database, proceed as follows:

a) Replace the defective hard disk.

b) Import the last complete data backup.

c) Import the last incremental data backup.

d) Import the log backups since the last incremental data backup. If there are still redo log entries in the undamaged log area, then the database system uses these redo log entries instead of the corresponding log backups.

6. The database system restarts the database.

Further Information

SAP note 1377148: FAQ Backup/Recovery
SAP note 1928060 Backup and Recovery with File System Backup


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