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SAP MaxDB is a relational database system. It provides all functions for creating, using, and managing SAP MaxDB databases. The SAP MaxDB software comprises the database kernel, tools, and interfaces.


Installation Manager - Installation Manager is used for installing and upgrading the SAP MaxDB software and SAP MaxDB databases.
See: Installation Manual

For installing SAP MaxDB with SAP applications, the SAP installation and upgrade guides apply. For details, see SAP Service Marketplace and SAP MaxDB Installation and Upgrade Guides. For further information use SAP note 1020175.


Database Studio - Database Studio is the tool for managing SAP MaxDB databases (GUI client of Database Manager). It can be used on all operating systems supported by the database system. It integrates administration, SQL, and loader functions.
See: Database Studio documentation and Database Studio 7.9 News  

In SAP systems use transactions of CCMS, especially DBA Cockpit.
See: DBA Cockpit: SAP MaxDB and SAP MaxDB CCMS.  For further information use SAP note 990602.


Database Analyzer - Database Analyzer is the tool for analyzing the performance of SAP MaxDB databases.
See: Database Analyzer and SAP MaxDB Database Analyzer. For further information use SAP note 1423935.

In the SAP MaxDB Download Area, a configuration file for Database Analyzer is provided and updated regularly. With this file you can run a check to verify whether your current database configuration corresponds to the latest recommendations made by SAP. 
See: Description of the SAP MaxDB Database Parameter Check File and SAP MaxDB Database Analyzer Parameter Check. For further information use SAP note 1111426.

Command Line Tools

Database Manager CLI - Database Manager CLI is the command line client of Database Manager, which is a tool for administering databases. You can use Database Manager CLI interactively or import commands from a file and execute them in the background. Database Manager CLI has script interfaces for Java, Perl, and Python.
See: Database Manager CLI and Database Manager. For further information about DBM server use SAP note 1694323


SQLCLI - SQLCLI is used for data manipulation in SAP MaxDB databases. You can use this tool for entering and executing SQL statements, executing database procedures, and querying information. You can use SQLCLI interactively or import commands from a file and execute them in the background.


Loader - Loader is used for importing data and the database catalog into a SAP MaxDB database or for exporting them from a SAP MaxDB database.
See: Loader


JDBC- The SAP MaxDB JDBC driver and the SAP MaxDB Java classes provide access to SAP MaxDB databases for Java programs.
See: Java Manual and JDBC Trace. For further information about JDBC trace use SAP note 903018.


ODBC - The SAP MaxDB ODBC driver provides access to SAP MaxDB databases via the ODBC interface, typically from C/C++ environments.
See: ODBC Manual. For information about ODBC driver use SAP note 698915.


SQLDBC - SQLDBC (SQL Database Connectivity) is a runtime library, which enables applications to execute SQL statements in SAP MaxDB databases.
See: SQLDBC Manual and SQLDBC Trace
All interface information
See:  Interface and SAP MaxDB Interfaces. For further information about interfaces use SAP note 822239.

Further Information

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