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x_cons <database_name> show active [DW|SV|US|GC] [<time>]

Provides an overview of the states of all active database sessions (user tasks) and special tasks. Only those tasks that are currently processed by the database kernel are displayed. If a user task is waiting for a new command with status, 'Command Wait', then it is not displayed. Special tasks are displayed only when they are not in a sleep or suspend state (vsleep, vsuspend). You can also show the statistics for specific task groups only: DW (data writer or pager), SV (server task), US (user task), GC (garbage collector).


ID   UKT UNIX   TASK       APPL Current         Timeout Region     Wait UKTsleep
          tid   type        pid state          priority cnt try    item
T133   8  20240 User     20398**Enter ExclLock&      53 0     11        3977(r)
T134   8  20240 User     20386* LCApp Called  &       0 233             3977(r)
T135   7  20239 User     20374* LogIOwait(234)        0 0               3850(r)
T137   9  20241 User     20350* LCApp Called  &       0 246             4833(r)
T138   7  20239 User     20338* ObjNodeShare  &       0 0           182 3850(r)
T234   9  20241 User     20390**Enter ExclLock&      51 0     16        4833(r)
T237   8  20240 User     20354* LogIOwait(234)        0 0               3977(r)
T238   8  20240 User     20342**Enter ExclLock&      52 0      4        3977(r)
T334   9  20241 User     20394**Enter ExclLock&      53 0     27        4833(r)
T335   8  20240 User     20382* LCApp Called  &       0 5               3977(r)
T336   7  20239 User     20370* LCApp Called  !       0 0               3850(r)
T337   7  20239 User     20358* ObjNodeShare  &       0 0           182 3850(r)
T339   7  20239 User     20334* ObjNodeShare  &       0 0         14888 3850(r)
T378   5  20237 GarbCol        *ExclLock Yield       52 0               2474700(d)
T379   5  20237 GarbCol         ObjRootExcl           0 0         14888 2474700(r)
T381   5  20237 GarbCol        *Yielding             81 0               2474700(r)
T383   5  20237 GarbCol         ObjRootExcl           0 0         14888 2474700(r)
T384   5  20237 GarbCol         Running               0 5               2474700(r)
T385   5  20237 GarbCol         ObjRootExcl           0 0         14888 2474700(d)
  • ID: Task ID
  • UKT: Number of the user kernel thread
  • Unix tid/Win tid: Unix/Windows thread ID of the user kernel thread
  • Type: Type of the task. (Timer, Log Writer, Trace Writer, Utility, Pager (Data Writer), Server Task, User Task, Garbage Collector).
  • APPL pid: Process ID of the application program linked to the task. An asterisk (*) after the pid indicates that the process ID is on a separate computer and is being accessed remotely. The number, 0, in pid field indicates a java process.
  • Current state: Current state of the task. An ampersand (&) after the state means that the task is in a COM routine which is called from liveCache kernel. An asterisk (*) in the current state means that the task is in the run queue meaning it is ready to run but it is waiting for other tasks to yield the CPU. An exclaimation mark (!) after the state means that the issued command is already cancelled. The user might have killed the process. The numbers after the state indicates the name of the item it is waiting for.
  • Timeout priority: If the task is in a state pending a timeout, for example, vwait, the seconds until the end of the timeout are shown in this column.
  • Region cnt: Count that a critical region has been accessed since the task ran.
  • Region try: Number of the queried or held critical region that the task is waiting for because that specific region is locked by another task.
  • Wait item: The item the task is waiting for. It depends on the wait situation. If a task is waiting for an exclusive lock on region/RW region, the "wait item" displays the region number the task would like to lock. If a task is waiting for a B*Root lock ( InvRootExcl, TabRootExcl, InvRootShare, TabRootShare), the "wait item" displays the root page number of the tree it is waiting for. If a task is waiting for a page lock (InvNodeExcl, TabNodeExcl, InvNodeShare, TabNodeShare), the "wait item" displays the page number it is waiting for.
  • UKT Sleep Count (UKT State): Number of semaphore waits; dependent on UKT (IDLE counter).
    • t (initialized / terminated), s (sleeping), d (scheduling), c (context switch), r (running).