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x_cons <database_name> show version

Shows the version of the database kernel and the runtime environment.

Kernel Version  'Kernel    7.6.05   Build 011-123-196-300'
RTE    Version  'W32/INTEL 7.6.05   Build 011-123-196-300'
Relevant SAP Notes

Explanation on version string 'Kernel 7.6.05 Build 011-123-196-300'

  • Major version number: 7
  • Minor version number: 6
  • Service pack number: 05
    • In addition to error corrections, support packages also include new functions (new change requests).
  • Build Number: 011
    • Builds are created more often than Service packs and according to requirements, e.g. error situation.
    • Only high priority errors are corrected.
    • Corrections for delivered versions always result in a build number.
  • Support Information: 123-196-300
    • The first three numbers in support information refer to additional information for support: 123
      • Version status: The first number specifies whether the used version is a development system (0), or a production system (1).
      • Make status: The second number specifies in which delivery status the created version is contained. Value 0 is a version that was created on the basis of a delivery level (DEV), value 1 is a version that was created on the basis of a correction level (COR), value 2 is a version that was created on the basis of an official delivery level (RAMP), value 3 is a support package, value 4 is a special analysis level that you should only use for analysis purposes. As a rule, the value of make status of the production system is 2.
      • System environment: The third number specifies for which system environments this version was created. Value is 0 if there is no special usage, value is 1 if this version is only created for OLTP systems, value is 2 if the version is only created for SAP liveCache, and the value is 3 if the version is created for all system types and can be used anywhere.
    • The following six numbers in support information specify the change number: 196-300