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Database Analyzer Messages

The Database Analyzer obtains the performance relevant information either directly from system tables in the database, or calculates it from the data in those tables.
The configuration file also describes the four classes of messages. Information marked with an I or INFO and three levels of warnings: W1 to W3 - warning levels 1 to 3 with low, medium and high priority.
All messages are logged in the DBAN.prt log file.

Not every message which is marked as red is a critical one. It depends on the workload (number of SQL statements) of the database if a message should be checked in detail.

You will find information about the database analyzer messages in the SAP MaxDB documentation:

SAP MaxDB Version 7.9: Database Analyzer Messages

SAP MaxDB Version 7.8: Database Analyzer Messages

SAP MaxDB Version 7.7.:Database Analyzer Messages

Even if not yet fully complete you find a lot of the newer Database Analyzer messages in the MaxDB Wiki:
Database Analyzer Messages 7.9 <under construction>

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