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SAP® MaxDB - Features


This page contains the links to the available SAP MaxDB Feature Notes.

Moderators: Birgit Malik

WIKI Space Editor: Thiago Lüttig




Feature Notes for SAP MaxDB & liveCache
SAP MaxDB Version Information
  • Note 1444241 SAP MaxDB Version 7.9
  • Note 2068007 SAP liveCache Version 7.9
  • Note 1722076 - The Future of SAP MaxDB
  • Note 1178367 - SAP MaxDB: End of Support Dates
  • Note 1364181 SAP MaxDB Version 7.8
  • Note 1006496 SAP MaxDB/liveCache Version 7.7
  • Note 806690 Version 7.6
  • Note 710166 Version 7.5
  • Note 710165 Version 7.4.03
  • Note 685873 Version 7.3

Database Studio

Feature News in Database Version 7.9
  • SAP MaxDB version 7.9.09 supports a database size of up to 32 TB (see SAP note 2179510 and keep in mind not to cross the 16 TB limit with database versions below 7.9.09).
  • Several DBM commands for database parameter handling are added, fix for database freeze in case of a LOG FULL situation with AUTOLOG enabled, packed index feature is implemented, several error fixes are released. All new features and error fixes are listed in SAP Note 1444241.
  • For SAP customers database version is released in July 2018 on SAP Software Download Center (SWDC, see note 1672252). 
  • On Software Download Catalog this version is available very soon (search for SAP MaxDB). See also SAP MaxDB Product Availability.