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SAP® MaxDB - Installation and Upgrade Guides


Information dealing with various topics in installing and upgrading SAP MaxDB for SAP applications

Moderator: Birgit Malik

WIKI Space Editor: Thiago Lüttig

  • Note 1020175 FAQ SAP MaxDB Installation, upgrade or applying a patch
  • Note 498036 Overview note: Installing SAP MaxDB/liveCache versions
  • Installation Guides for SAP Systems with SAP MaxDB: SL Tools → System Provisioning
  • Upgrade Guides for SAP Systems with SAP MaxDB: SL Tools → System Maintenance
  • SAP NetWeaver Guide Finder 
  • Upgrade Guides: Upgrade to SAP MaxDB Database 7.9 on Windows/Unix (pdf) Windows/Unix (html)
  • Installation of SAP liveCache Technology 7.9 on Windows/Unix (pdf)
  • Upgrade Guides: SAP SCM 7.0 EHP2 and higher - Upgrade of Standalone Engine SAP liveCache Technology 7.9 on Windows/Unix (pdf) Windows/Unix (html)
  • Upgrade Guide: SAP MaxDB 7.9 Toolkit (pdf)


Problem Analysis
  • Installation packages and patches for SAP customers are provided in the Software Distribution Center (SWDC, see note 1672252)

  • For information about how to apply an SAP MaxDB client patch, refer to SAP note 649814 and FAQ 822271
  • For downloading the software for Unix/Linux, Microsoft Windows and other operating systems use for non-SAP customers the Software Download Catalog (search for SAP MaxDB)

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