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SAP Services for SAP MaxDB Migration

SAP has developed a special performance service for customers who are using SAP MaxDB. SAP MaxDB customers with Enterprise Support can order this CQC TPO DB service without additional costs. SAP MaxDB customers with SAP Standard Support may order the RPO for MaxDB service by contacting mailto: These services are especially recommended for migration to database system SAP MaxDB.

The services allow customers continuous access to a SAP MaxDB specialist during the initial phase of production operation. In this way, they can avail directly of expert knowledge on the topic of performance and monitoring. Workshops and best practise guides are used to transfer the knowledge to employees, thus promoting automonous learning or 'self-help'.

Useful Information

The SAP services for SAP MaxDB migration consist of two parts:
In the first part of the service the most important and central transactions of the customer will be analyzed. This part should be scheduled after the test migration of the system and well before the migration of the productive system. The customer has to provide a test plan, which lists the transactions to be analyzed with the necessary test variants and contact persons. We will spend one to two days for analyzing these transactions.
The 2nd part of the service has to be scheduled for the first days after the productive database migration, when users start to work in the productive system. Here the most expensive accesses to the database have to be analyzed and optimized. We will spend two to three days for this part of the service spread over several days.

Further information:
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This service can also be booked by each customer who is running SAP MaxDB and encounters performance problems with customer owned reports.
If you want to have more information, please send a mail to