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runtime of last <number_of> savepoints: <duration> seconds, <number_of> writes, <number_of> pages

duration of cluster sort check during last <number_of> savepoints: <duration> seconds

Savepoint with converter version <number> is running since <duration> seconds

savepoint task activity: dispatches: <count>, writes: <count>, pages: <count>

Avg time of cache flush writes <duration> ms, <number_of> writes, <number_of> pages

No savepoint during last <duration> seconds!




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Relevant  DB-Analyzer Files
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SAP Notes
869267 - FAQ: SAP MaxDB Log areaProvides information about the use of savepoints.
936058 - FAQ: SAP MaxDB Runtime EnvironmentFind some information about which task types participate in savepoint handling. 
Expert Sessions (link to trainings)
Content / Helpful with ...
Session 10: SAP MaxDB LoggingDescribes the concept of transaction handling with savepoints and how to influence and trigger them.
Documentation (links)
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