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<spinlock_name>: collision rate <percentage>%, <number_of> collisions, <number_of> spin loops, <number_of> yield loops, <number_of> accesses


Accesses to an SAP MaxDB/liveCache program area, which are permitted to run from exactly one task at a time, must be synchronized. This synchronization takes place via different synchronization objects. 

FAQ 1681336 describes the different types of synchronization objects.

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More Information 

Relevant  DB-Analyzer Files
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DBAN_SPINLOCKS.csvProvides information about f.e. calls, loops, collisions 
SAP Notes
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1681336 - SAP MaxDB: Synchronisation objectsFind more information about the use of different sychronization objects. 
Expert Sessions (link to trainings)
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Session 27: SAP MaxDB Multi Tasking Find more information about synchronization objects
Documentation (links)



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