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SAP® MaxDB - Tunning


This section provides background information and hints about SAP MaxDB tuning and performance.


See also  SAP MaxDB Support Guide, HowTo - SAP MaxDB Performance,

Configuration & SQL Optimizer

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    Database Configuration This section deals with information about database configuration e.g. Volumes, Parameters.
  • Page:
    SQL Optimizer This section gives detailed information about the SAP MaxDB SQL Optimizer.
  • Page:
    Primary Keys and Indexes This section explains the primary key concept of MaxDB and also covers secondary keys (indexes).
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    Statistics The significance of the statistics for the SAP MaxDB SQL optimizer is described in detail in this section.
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    Internal File Size Information This section gives detailed information about this functionality starting in SAP MaxDB version 7.6. The internal file size information (file directory counter) is used by the SQL optimizer to find the best strategy. If those file size information does not exist SAP MaxDB evaluation (single table optimizer) or optimize statistics (join)  is used to find the best strategy.

Tools, Features & Information

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    SAP MaxDB Services This section gives detailed information about available SAP MaxDB Services.

Business Warehouse - BW

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    SAP MaxDB BW Feature Package As of version 7.6.01 Build 04 the BW FeaturePack is available, which improves the performance especially in BW systems.