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User task <task_ID> blocked in state '<state_description>' since <duration> s, <appl_pid_and_node>

User task <task_ID> blocked in state '<state_description>' since <duration> s, command id: '<command_id>', <appl_pid_and_node>

User task <task_ID> blocked in state '<state description>', since <duration> s, DB procedure: <DB_procedure_name>, <appl_pid_and_node>


The specified user task is active, however, its task state is not changing. This also blocks all other tasks in the same user kernel thread. In extreme cases, the blocking task may be in an endless loop.

User Response

Find out with x_cons command debugtask where the task is stuck.

More Information

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Session 27: SAP MaxDB Multi TaskingProvides general information about the concept of "cooperative" multi-tasking.
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