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<user_task_ID> is processing same command since <duration> s, <number_of> dispatches, <appl_pid_and_node>

<user_task_ID> is processing command id <command_id>' since <duration> s, <number_of> dispatches, <appl_pid_and_node>  

<user_task_ID> is processing DB procedure <DB_procedure_name> since <duration> s, <number_of> dispatches, <appl_pid_and_node>  



A long processing time of a command may be an indicator that the chosen execution plan was not adequate, f.e. because of missing indexes or outdated/unsufficient statistics information.
Commands may also have long processing times if they intentionally process a large amount of data.


User Response

Identify the long-running command(s) by using file DBAN_RUNNING_COMMANDS.prt. Use command and resource monitor to get the complete command(s).


More Information

Relevant  DB-Analyzer Files
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 DBAN_RUNNING_COMMANDS.prtIdentify the long running statement. 
SAP Note
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Expert Sessions (Link to trainings)
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 Session 16: SAP MaxDB SQL Query Optimization (Part 1) 
 Session 16: SAP MaxDB SQL Query Optimization (Part 2) 
Documentation (links)
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