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Avg user suspend time for <user_task_ID>: <abs_duration> (<rel_duration>) ms, <number_of> suspends, <appl_pid_and_node>



The execution of this user task has been interrupted by wait times. You see the average duration of all wait times that have been determined. This value is normally under 100 milliseconds. You also see how often wait times occurred.

In a system using cooperative multi tasking it is not unusual that user tasks have to be suspended as they have to share different resources.
High values for suspend times however may indicate a problem.


User Response

Check the state of the user task at regular intervals.
Identify the suspend reasons and check if users hinder each other by accessing to the same resources.


More Information

Relevant  DB-Analyzer Files
Helpful with ...
DBAN_TASK_SUSPENDS.prtInforms about possible suspend reasons.
DBAN_TASK_STATES.csv Statistics about the number and wait duration of the task states Vsuspend, Vwait, sleep are collected. 
SAP Note
Helpful with ...
936058 - FAQ: SAP MaxDB Runtime Environment Find information about different suspend reasons.
Expert Sessions (Link to trainings)
Content / Helpful with ...
Session 27: SAP MaxDB Multi Tasking Find general information about the concept of multi tasking.
Documentation (links)
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