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This Modeling Handbook is meant as general guideline for everybody;who does work on either:
Process Modeling or Service Modeling
The guidelines, rules and model structures are based on experiences gained within SAP Field Service and Support and where developed by consultants. The Handbook provides a comprehensive definition part and is strictly focused to deliver process modeling guidelines that are clear and practical oriented. The Tool used for modeling guidelines and the example is ARIS. However the definitions, shapes and stencils provided can be transferred to other tools easily and an example is given for Visio. The Handbook is not tied to a special methodology (implementation or other) although the structure applies to the rules of ASAP Core Methodology. The focus of the modeling guidelines provided is clearly the Build phase and specially addresses the structure of how to build a Business Blueprint within an implementation project. For each process modeling step an example is provided to enable and accelerate the transfer from the theoretical part into practical use.

Business Process Modeling

The objective of business process modeling is to describe business processes in a consistent and comprehensive way. Human speech is often not precise enough to clearly explain economic sequences. This is especially the fact if a process consists of various logical connections that imply parallel and sequential execution of process steps. In order to reduce the amount of misinterpretation and to accelerate the know-how transfer in terms of process relevant information, it is key to use settled graphical modeling techniques.
Below topics provide information about static and dynamic model types, about the need and definition of process hierarchies as well as the core of this document, the modeling convention for process modeling.

Static Modeling Standards
Dynamic Modeling Standards
Guidelines for Business Process Modeling

Service Modeling

This section describes the derivation of service requirements based on a process landscape. Modeling of services refers to the structuring of functionality that is needed from a process point of view. That means after agreeing on a process structure, the consumer site of services needs to be defined. When there is a clear picture from a process point of view which operations are necessary to support the process steps, mapping on existing service providers is possible. Furthermore, the activity of mapping consumer models against provider models reveals gaps and additional development requirements which need to be implemented.

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ARIS Express

Process Modeling Notations

The following sections describe further process modeling notations.

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