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Dynamic Modeling Standards

The following sections describe dynamic modeling standards comprising Value Added Chain Diagrams (VCD), Event Driven Process Chains (EPC) and Function Allocation Diagrams (FAD) as well as the usage of these model types in conjunction with the process hierarchy.

Business Process Map

The Process Map shows an overview of the business areas and their assigned process groups. This reflects level one and two of the process hierarchy.

Process Modeling - Value-added chain diagram (VCD)

The model type „Value-added chain diagram (VCD)" is used to structure business processes from process level 1 to process level 4. This model type does not provide logical connectors to model explicit decisions and does as a result provide an abstract view on the process flow and structure.
The following elements are used within the model type „Value-added chain diagram (VCD)":

Process Modeling - Event Driven Process Chain (EPC)

The model type „Event Driven Process Chain (EPC)" is used to model processes on at least process step level (referring to level five of the process hierarchy). This model type provides also logical connectors to explicitly model decisions and parallel execution of process parts.
The following elements are used within the model type „Event Driven Process Chain (EPC)":

Process Modeling - Function Allocation Diagram (FAD)

The model type „Function Allocation Diagram" is used to specify information relevant for a specific process step.
Function Allocation Diagrams are automatically generated when synchronizing SAP Function (Process Steps) with Solution Manager. They can be used e.g. to enhance Process Step information with SAP Transactions, URL´s etc or even with application systems if the corresponding event driven process chain gets otherwise overloaded.
The following elements are used within the model type „Function Allocation Diagram":

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