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A group of business capabilities, functions and processes which reflects typical high level responsibilities in a company. The business areas typically comprise either core or support processes.
The differentiation between core processes and support processes is industry-dependent as a Business Process could be supportive in industry A but core in industry B (e.g. . payroll is supportive for manufacturing but core for professional payroll service provider)
As a result Business Areas are split into core and support processes within industry views and business process maps. From a strategic point of view the business areas describe where a company typically acts. From an organizational point of view the business area describes the structural organization of a company with its typical industry specific tasks and responsibilities. Although Business Areas mostly have industry specific flavor, some of them are highly generic and can be found in almost any industry.
Examples: Purchasing, Finance & Controlling.


Business areas serve as the highest grouping level in the Business Process Map of Business Processes and the business process catalog.


Purchasing or Production might be found cross industry whilst Replacement Part Management as a Business Area will be found only in specific industries like Automotive.

Cut Criteria

1. Typical Business Areas reflect a high level area of responsibility, which will be defined centrally.
2. They should be suited to structure Process Groups.
3. A Business Area should contain more than one Process Group.
4. Business Areas should be defined in a way that the Process Groups are roughly distributed evenly between the Business Areas.
5. They contain a group of Process Groups under the same management responsibility

Illustration in ARIS

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