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An overlapping free group of Business Processes. Business Processes grouped within a Process Group belong to the same area of responsibility dealing with similar tasks and activities.


1. Serves to reflect a group of responsibility within a company, to cluster Business Processes and to break down Business Areas into more manageable units. 

2. Serves to achieve consistent granularity across the Business Processes within a bid or project as well as across different SAP product lines and industries.


Sales Support, Goods Issue.

Cut Criteria

1. Must be suited to structure Business Processes which belong to the same core competency or area of responsibility.
2. A Process Group should contain more than one Business Process.
3. Process groups should be defined in a way that the Business Processes are roughly distributed evenly between the Process Groups.
4. A Business Process belongs to exactly one Process Group.
5. And a Process Group is part of exactly one Business Area.  

The differentiation between core processes and support processes (core and context) is industry-dependent as a Business Process could be supportive in industry A but core in industry B (e.g. payroll is supportive for manufacturing but core for professional payroll service provider).

As a result Process Groups are split into core and supportive processes within industry views and business process maps

Illustration in ARIS

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