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A Business Process Variant is a fundamental flow variant of a Business Process which uses the same input and delivers the same measurable outcome.


The flow of Process Steps is defined at Business Process Variant level. To keep level consistency it is necessary that each Business Process has at least one Business Process Variant attached.

Naming Standards

Identical to those of the Business Processes, followed by a concise description of the variant, using one or few nouns. The two parts of the description are separated by a dash.


1. Processing Supplier Invoices - Standard
2. Processing Supplier Invoices - Evaluated Receipt Settlement

Cut Criteria

Start and end like the Business Process it belongs to. Check the cut criteria defined for Business Processes.

A Business Process Variant should differ to another at least in one of the following:
1. Flow of documents
2. Business Objects needed
3. Lifecycle schema of the Business Objects (status and status transitions)
4. A2A/B2B (Application to Application/Business to Business) message choreography or choreography with direct interactions with other Business Processes.
5. A Business Process Variant is not just an alternative UI.
6. A Business Process Variant is not just another sequence a user decides to perform tasks on the UI (User Interface).
7. Two Business Process Variants differ in the way the Business Process flows. The difference is so important that the variants are to be considered separately in a business process analysis. The difference is so fundamental that it typically needs to be treated by special software functionality and not just configuration, if implemented in software.

Illustration in ARIS

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