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An activity performed by a user or a piece of software together with other Process Steps forming a Business Process or a Business Process Variant.
I. e. Business Processes do consist of more than one process step.
• A Process Step is an activity that is related to exactly one object (e.g. human, sheet of paper, purchase order (system) ...).
• A Process Step is typically executed by one person and documented using an appropriate representation of the object (paper, data in IT-system,...).
• From a user interaction point of view a Process Step is a single work task in a causal work flow without role change. A Process Step is typically identified by the fact that the task owner has got all necessary responsibilities to execute the task. A Process Step can be performed by a human being alone or by an interaction between human/system and system/system.


A Process Step can be reused in multiple Business Process Variants of the same Business Process but not across different Business Processes.

Naming Standards

A Process Step describes a Business Object, the information, the data or the activity currently under way.

Check the naming standards of the Business Processes for the general guidelines.


Scan invoice , enter goods receipt

Cut Criteria

1. A Process Step should be executed by one person and not by multiple. So if several persons interact or if something is typically done by different people or even by different departments it cannot be a single Process Step. Otherwise you cannot even discuss responsibilities with the customer.
2. Activities that need a trigger from outside the department or company form a separate Process Step.
3. A Process Step mostly consists of more than one activity.

Illustration in ARIS

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