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Note: please do not change the title of this page as this is breaking the links to this wiki!

Here are the links that you might need to bookmark for a quick reference.

The blog will be updated with more relevant references.

Thanks to all the contributors!

SAP PO Public Spaces:

Getting StartedIntroduction and latest trendsIntroduction to SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration
SCN Home Pages

 These are the spaces that you need to follow.

Developer Center

where you can learn how to develop and

maintain your integration

SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration Developer Center

SAP PO Idea Place

where you can post what your idea that

you would like to see in any SAP product

SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration: Home
LinkedIn GroupExclusive group for SAP PO consultants and partnersSAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration | LinkedIn
SAP Coffee CornerAs its name indicates, its a chit-chat cornerCoffee Corner
SCN BlogsThe blog archives
SCN Wiki

Wiki page directs you to in depth info and

latest updates and its an evolving page

SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration - Netweaver Technology - SCN Wiki
SAP TechEdSAP TechEd Online LecturesHome | SAP TechEd Online

SAP Library: (Official help portal)

SAP Service Marketplace: (SMP Logon required)

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