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 How to end a process of a process chain with a desired status??

In SAP BW we often find it difficult while monitoring the data load during process chain execution to end a particulare process of teh process chain with desired status. Most of the times we find that process chain has got stuck at a particular step because of some unforeseen reasons and we need to continue that process chain after that step by running that aricular process manually. But as the process is in Failed or Undefined status it does not go to next step of the process chain. I will discuss on how to move ahead with those kind of stuckk process in the process chain.

Step 1 :- Goto the context menu of the stuck process and copy the Variant name and the instance name of that process from the DISPLAYING JOBS tab.

Step 2 :- In some cases its quite possible that you will not find the INstance name of the process if that process has not been able to start at all . In that case just copy the process start time and date.

Step 3 :- GOTO SE11/SE16 transaction and open table RSPCPROCESSLOG.

Step 4 :- Provide Variant Name and Instance Name or Batch Start Date and Time(depending on the case) in the table display view.

Step 5 :- You will find only one entry in the table and from there just copy the LOG ID,Variant Name , Instance Name, and the Type of the Process.

Step 6 :- GOTO transaction SE37 and execute the function module RSPC_PROCESS_FINISH.

Step 7 :- In the variable screen of the function module provide the entry fot LOG ID , Variant Name , Instance Name , Type of the Process and the Desired status of the process as the value for variable I_Status. Values for the status of the process can be :- R(Failed), G(Successfully Completed), C(Completed),SPACE (Undefined) etc. You can find all the values of statuses from F4 help of Status field of RSPCPROCESSLOG and provide the value accordingly in the function module.
Variable Screen for the function module will look as shown above.
Following are the Madatory values which need to be inserted in the variable screen shown above :-
I_LOGID :- LOG ID got from the table
I_TYPE:- Process Type got from the table
I_VARIANT :- Variant Name got from the table
I_INSTANCE :- Instance Name got from the table.If no instance name is  in the table give SPACE.
I_STATE :- Desired status of the process chain.