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Introduction of NWBC for desktop

NWBC is a fresh user interface comparing with traditional SAPGUI for Windows. This page contains the introduction information of NWBC for desktop.


By reading this page, you get impression of how NWBC for desktop is.


SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC) is a rich UI client that offers a single point of entry to SAP applications, especially harmonizing access to existing SAP GUI transactions and newly developed applications based on Web Dynpro. NWBC for Desktop is a .NET-based application that targets the power user. In this scenario, the SAP GUI itself is used as rendering engine if installed. NWBC effectively “replaces” SAP GUI as main entry point to SAP applications; however, it does use SAP GUI to run existing applications.

NWBC for desktop Versions

The current supported versions are SAPBC 7.0 and 7.70. 

How NWBC for desktop looks like?


Above is an older SAP Business Client version -- SAPBC 6.0. This version uses SAP Corbu design.

Above is the most recent SAP Business Client version -- SAPBC 7.70. This version uses SAP Belize design.

Frontend Requirement

 Example for NWBC 7.0:

  • Microsoft .NET.
  • SAP GUI for Windows, as applications are integrated in SAP GUI for Windows.
  • An SAP supported browser for the desktop for integration of applications that are not based on the SAP GUI for Windows.
  • For more information about the requirements and the restrictions please see the following SAP Notes:
    • 2714160 - SAP Business Client 7.0: Prerequisites and restrictions
    • 2928874 - SAP Business Client 7.70: Prerequisites and restrictions

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