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The XS817 error you are getting is due to a problem with incorrect Plugin configuration.
Therefore you can consider the following:

1) Check in transaction SMICM and make sure the ICM is actually running. Check whether the parameter was set as: rdisp/start_icman = True.

2) If you are in Unix, use the note: 421359 to confirm that the options for the program icmbnd are correctly configured, paying special attention to the commands:     
     chown root icmbnd     
     chmod 4755 icmbnd

3) In SMICM check that the SMTP service/port are active. Note also that another possible cause of this problem would be if the port you have specified is already
    in use or also if the permissions to bind the port have not been configured correctly.

4) It is strongly advised that you also go through each point of note: 455140 in full to confirm that your configuration is correct.

5) Large SMTP mails (over 64KB) can no longer be sent by the system. Check note: 818165 for details.

If this does not help then increase the ICM trace level and check the dev_icm trace for more error inforamtion as follows:  
- Reset the trace file first:   
  transaction SMICM -> Goto -> Trace file -> Reset
- Activate Trace level 3:   
  SMICM -> Goto -> Trace level -> Set -> to 3

Then send the mails again and set the trace level back to 1 or 0. Here you can view the trace:  
SMICM -> Goto -> Trace file -> Display File
There you also have the possibility to save the trace to file. On the icm you can set the parameter rdisp/TRACE_LOGGING = on, 20 m (case-sensitive) that
will prevent the traces getting bigger than 20 MB.


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