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Welcome to the SAP NW Clients topic. Feel free to create new entries or add to existing ones.

SAP NW Clients wiki provides a complete introduction to Clients products. You can visit the SAP GUI family  page to familiarize yourself with the different existing clients for accessing SAP systems.

GUI for Windows Core (BC-FES-GUI)

SAP GUI for Windows is an implementation of SAP GUI, that is specifically designed for the Windows operating system. It provides a Windows-like user experience and allows other applications that are based on OLE interfaces or ActiveX controls to interact with it.

Frontend Installation (BC-FES-INS)

Frontend Installation explains the various approaches to installing and managing SAP Frontend software on Windows and guides the reader through the setup and use of the SAP Frontend installation server.

Frontend Controls (BC-FES-CTL)

SAP Frontend Controls explains the various independent software components that are used in ABAP applications, as well as the New ABAP Editor.


Office Integration (BC-FES-OFFI/XXL)
Graphics (BC-FES-GRA)

SAP Netweaver Business Client HOME

SAP Console

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