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Welcome to the NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC) Troubleshooting Guide

Please note that this Troubleshooting Guide is under construction. Check SAP Note 1378659 "known issues" before opening a support ticket.

Be aware that most of the mentioned "errors" are not really a software bug (support) but missing/wrong configuration (consulting).
Based on our support experience we still mention them in here in order to give you a chance to correct this quickly.
We added as well issues from other components, which are caused/miss configured outside of NWBC (does not indicate any responsibility of BC-FES-BUS* itself).

Before opening a ticket or going further in the technical troubleshooting itself:


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Topics to check: 

Error numbers in HTTP traffic

NWBC on WTS or Citrix

SSO or Login related errors

Total Crash of your NWBC

Troubleshoot NWBC related performance issues

POWL related issues 

Connection failures

SAP GUI <-> NWBC related issues

OBN (object based navigation) errors

Portal <-> NWBC

Rendering problems


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Page: Branding is not displayed in NWBC for HTML 3.0 or 3.5 or NWBC Desktop Client 3.0 or 3.5 Page: Close button is missing in the (Web-dynpro)-application Page: Connection failures Page: Content not showed properly or no proper behavior with Internet Explorer 10 Page: Content not showed properly or no proper behavior with Internet Explorer 10 - browser dependencies Page: Could not open the logon window for the server with the supplied URL when NWBC runs against Portal Page: DSM: XHR Status was 500, not able to deliver PRO54-DSM data Page: Error numbers in HTTP traffic Page: HTTPS or SSL and client certificates are in place Page: Integrated SAP GUI - when SNC transport layer encryption is active Page: Internet Explorer is configured to use an automatic proxy based on a file protocol Page: Login Page - when tabbing (keyboard) from user to password field - cursor is not set correctly Page: Multi System Sap Logon Configuration Page: NWBC 4.0 does not show 'SAP GUI status messages' after ending transactions Page: NWBC does not start up at all (no splash shown) - although configuration is o.k Page: NWBC on WTS or Citrix Page: NWBC SAP GUI Integrator information popup - NWBC 3.0 or 3.5 Page: Parser related issues Page: Prevent popup about unsaved data during log off Page: Rendering problems Page: SAP GUI <-> NWBC related issues Page: SAP Gui connection error popup: WSAECONNREFUSED: Connection refused Page: SAP GUI failed to start transaction Page: SAP GUI transaction running NWBC integrated is pointing towards the wrong system Page: Saprouter connection string fails Page: Security Warning - Whitelist Page: Sent URL popup in NWBC for HTML Page: SSO logon not possible - issue with logon tickets Page: SSO or Login related errors Page: System Messages with strange characters at Login page Page: The NetWeaver Business Client is only supported with the NetWeaver 7.02 and 7.20 and further releases Page: The proxy configuration within Internet Explorer cannot provide a proxy for this server Page: The system is unable to interpret the sso ticket received Page: Timeout when logging into NWBC Page: Total Crash of your NWBC Page: Warning at Login - Multiple login warning Page: Warning at Login - Switch to https Page: Web GUI is used although SAP GUI for Windows is expected to show up Page: Welcome message configured but does not appear