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The purpose of this page is to provide a list possible command-line parameters to be used in conjunction with NWSapSetup and their description to help for the installation server creation and frontend installation and update.


This WIKI lists the switches that can be used together with NWSAPSetup.

NwSapsetup starting switches

/product:["<product name>„] [/uninstall] [/silent] if no product name is supplied, this command line parameter enables a view of available products and products that have already been installed.  If a product name is supplied, the installer displays  information about the supplied product only. You cannot switch to Package View.
/noDlgShows only the progress dialog. Displays no other user interface. You can use it instead of /silent. If using /noDlg, you need to specify a product name or package name.
/silentDisplays no user interface – not even progress. If using /silent, you need to specify a product name or package name.
/uninstall  Uninstalls components that belong to a specified product or a package. This command-line parameter is valid only together with one of the following:

                /Product=”Product Command-Line Name”

                /Package=”Package Command-Line Name”

/allfor uninstalling all SAP components installed by SAPSetup. You normally use this command-line
/updateUpdates all components


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