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first of all: test the same issue with the most current sap gui - see Note 1053737 + most current NWBC client (see Prerequisites).

specific errors:

Web GUI is used although SAP GUI for Windows is expected to show up

SAP GUI transaction running NWBC integrated is pointing towards the wrong system

SAP Gui connection error popup: WSAECONNREFUSED: Connection refused

NWBC SAP GUI Integrator information popup - NWBC 3.0 or 3.5

Prevent popup about unsaved data during log off

NWBC 4.0 does not show 'SAP GUI status messages' after ending transactions

SAP GUI failed to start transaction


Web Gui related issues:

Sent URL popup in NWBC for HTML

fired URLs too long: 1459135 - SAP GUI for HTML: URL OK code strings w/ over 200 characters  - and related Notes

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