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Administrators can add a Branding Logo in the Title Bar of SAP Signature and Corbu Design Themes to allow customer specific Branding on SAP GUI screens.

You can integrate a company/branding logo in the titlebar of a SAP GUI session. In the SAP GUI Options dialog page (Visual Design Branding), this feature is set read-only by default.



  • The feature can be used for SAP Signature and Corbu Design.
  • The size and format of the logo should be as follows: The optimal height for the picture is 27 pixel. The shown width can be up to 160 pixel, but only if the height of 27 is not exceeded.
  • If the picture does not fit in size, then the picture will be scaled so that it fits the optimal height of 27 pixel. The width will be scaled symmetrically to the maximal allowed height or asymmetrically to fit the maximal allowed width. 


Proceed as follows to activate this feature and, optionally, allow users to change branding settings:

1. To rollout the settings to the users, create the following registry keys:



"UseBrandingImage" (REG_DWORD) = 1 (activates the display of a logo in the titlebar of a SAP GUI session, if a valid path to a branding picture is provided)

"BrandingImage" (REG_SZ) with path name to picture as value data: "C:\<PathToBranding>\<YourCompanyBranding>.png"

By default the branding feature is not editable by the user. Therefore, the users can see the above set values on the page Visual Design →Branding in the SAP GUI Options dialog, but they cannot change the settings because these are read-only.

2. Optional: In order to allow users to set this option from the SAP GUI Options dialog, you need to create the following registry values:


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\SAP\General\Appearance] (32 Bit OS)

"UseBrandingImage_ReadOnly" (REG_DWORD) = 0

"BrandingImage_ReadOnly" (REG_DWORD) = 0

After restart of the SAP Logon, the settings on page Visual Design →Branding will be editable. When a user changes the settings, the SAP GUI Options dialog writes these values to the following registry values under HKEY_CURRENT_USER:


"UseBrandingImage" (REG_DWORD)

"BrandingImage" (REG_SZ)

See: How to add a Branding Logo to your SAP GUI Package using Installation Server Scripts.