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This Wiki page aims to provide detailed information about SAPShortcut.


How to create a SAPShortcut ?

Log on SAP by calling SAPShortcut parameters

How to create a SAPshortcut ?

Log on SAP by calling SAPshortcut with parameters

The ... are placeholders for parameters of the SAP shortcut. The quotation marks " in the command sapgui.exe /SHORTCUT="..."are required.

All parameters can start with "-" or "/".  The parameter variants ' or ...' specified below (for example, or -u=user ID) are abbreviations of the parameters available as of GUI 46C.

 1.  System-independent parameters

     Can only be entered individually for the SAP shortcut command.

     -version    => displays the current version of the SAPshortcut.
     -help, -?    => The short help display for parameterization.
     -register  =>  registers the SAPshortcut in the Windows registration database.
     -edit c:\temp\   =>  starts the processing dialog of the SAPshortcut and writes the
                                                            input data to the file c:\temp\ after you choose

  2. System-dependent parameters

    2.1 User ID

       -user="userID" or -u="userID"  => specifies the SAP user ID.
       -language=[DE EN ...] or -l=[DE EN ...]   =>specifies the logon language in the SAP system.

       -pw="password"  =>  specifies the password for automatic logon.

    2.2 SAP system ID

        -system=SID or -sid=SID  => specifies the SAP system ID, SID.
        -client=001 or -clt=001  => specifies the logon client.
        -sysname="SID [MyGroup1]" or -desc="SID [MyGroup1]" => specifies the target system using the description in the SAPLogon
        -guiparm="sapserver 10" or -gui="sapserver 10"  => specifies the target system using start parameters of SAPGUI.EXE.
        -gui="/R/<sapsystemID>/G/<group>" => specifies a logon using system name and logon group.
                 /M/<messageserver>/S/<service>/G/<group>"  => specifies a load balancing logon by specifying the message server and the logon group.

     3.  Specification of SAP start transactions/reports/commands

        -type=[Transaction Report SystemCommand] or -t=[Transaction ...]  =>  specifies the function type to be started with Transaction, Report, SystemCommand

        -command="se38" or -cmd="se38"  =>  transfers the transaction code/report name/system command when starting the relevant function.

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