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Secondary Index:-

In BW 7.3, we can directly create secondary master data indexes on attributes from the InfoObject maintenance, without having to manually maintain them via SE11. We can create index on attributes including either all keys or no keys.

Screenshot of infoobject maintenance screen in BW 7.3.



Important Parameter:-

  • To enable Master Data Secondary Index, we need to maintain RSADMIN parameter = 'RS_ENABLE_MD_SECONDARY_INDEXES' and Value = 'X'.
  • By default, the technical key (DATETO/DATEFROM/Current InfoObject/OBJVERS) are included as part of secondary index. To remove the technical key, we need to maintain RSADMIN parameter = 'RS_NO_TECH_FIELDS_SEC_INDEXES' and Value = 'X'.


There is no option to selective choose specific compounded key(s). For example if we need to create index on just 0SALESORG and DATETO for 0CUST_SALES infoobject then we cannot use this option.




Extension Index:-

Now if above method doesn't meet our requirement then we need to manually maintain index in SE11. By default, we cannot assign package to a secondary index and hence we cannot transport it within landscape. So we need to create secondary index as Extension Index which allow us to assign package to it and transport it across landscape.