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Generally performance issues are rather difficult issues in which you need to try to exclude as many components as possible – reduce complexity and exclude possible side effects. Based on the support experience we can give the following guidelines – concerning the influence of the NWBC CLIENT onto the overall (entire process -> NWBC client <– >network <-> server) performance.

  1. >=95% of initially opened “NWBC performance issue tickets” turn out not to be caused by the NWBC itself – see as well Performance Aspects
    1. ~70% chance that the performance issue is caused by the application which got integrated into the NWBC

      1. Main reason for performance decrease or application hangs is due to Javascripting errors such as loops or navigation problems.

        1. Troubleshooting steps:

          1. Isolate the application

            1. check for instance the application standalone – e.g. call the webdynpro application without NWBC at all – if it is slow there already NWBC will of course not fix that.

              1. Sometimes javascript errors are simply suppressed - check following settings before reproducing it:

            2. Another example would be if you have Federated Portal- check whether the consumer portal has already problems with the producer portal – without any NWBC on top.

              1.  Sometimes changing domains, protocols, not full qualified host names can cause hangs (for instance no navigation possible)

                Note 654982 - URL requirements due to Internet standards
                Fiddler Trace - Type 2 from Note 1883689 

          2. Double check whether you experience the same problem with the two different flavors of NWBC - delete caches first:
            1. NWBC DESKTOP (check with the newest version from here: Prerequisites), and compare the result with the reproduction with the pure:
            2. NWBC HTML (zero footprint) version (see: NWBC for HTML)
            3. Make sure you do this test with the following settings:
            4. If you are not sure whether the javascript comes from the application (most of time it does ~90% of the cases) or from the NWBC itself -> take a screenshot and attach it to the ticket (BC-FES-BUS – we will dispatch it for you accordingly).
          3. A sample where an Unified Rendering issue from the Web Dynpro application caused even a freeze of the NWBC and/or IE. Check:
            Note 1530264 - Zooming factor <> 100% causes IE8 to freeze on WIN7
            An update is available for Internet Explorer that resolves issues that occur after you apply security update 974455 (MS09-054)
            This happened when the “Font Size”-Slider of the NWBC was changed to something else than 100% (first picture of Configuring Personalization Settings) or as well the Font Size has changed in the IE. More details: Zoom Slider changed
    2. ~20% is Internet Explorer related
      NWBC does take advantage (and therefore depends as well) on the IE control which is running transparently in the background.
      1. There are quite a few bugs in the IE (especially in the older versions) which does not get fixed by MS any longer. On certain errors SAP simply can´t fix around MS-bugs. Especially windows versions with IE6/7 turned out to be very buggy.
        1. Test the same issue with different windows and Browser versions and especially higher IE versions –
          any difference?
        2. A sample where a buggy IE can cause “funny” rendering effects (but no performance effect in this case) would be:
          Note 1508604 - NWBC 3.0 - Font Size Slider: Text overlapping & funny layout


          Fixed with later IE versions:

        3. We have had cases in which a skype plugin for the IE did cause trouble in the NWBC (as well in the NWBC desktop version!)
          1. Uninstall the plugin and retry
          2. Alternatively retest with another PC which has no browser plugins
    3. ~10% are rather “hangs & no responses” than really a performance issue which are actually caused by the customer specific landscape setup such as
      1. Reverse proxies
      2. Loadbalancers
        1. e.g. webdispatcher - keywords:
          1. "wdisp/add_client_protocol_header = true"
            Communication with Protocol Switch Through Reverse Proxy
          2. HTTPURLLOC
            Using NWBC with a Load Balancer
      3. Blocking DMZ/Firewalls – network routing
      4. Troubleshooting those: simply bypass the infrastructure for test purposes (e.g. via temporary client hosts files entries) and retest.
      5. Is the server already slow?
        Measuring Performance
      6. Anti-virus programs can significantly bring down the performance of the NWBC Desktop client.
        1. Compare if NWBC for html is quicker than NWBC Desktop version with the same content on the same PC.
          1. switch off the anti-virus scanning for testing purposes and compare performance.
            1. In case the performance of NWBC Desktop version (process NWBC.exe) has increased significantly without the scan. Scan exclusion rules would help -> ask your anti-virus program manufacturer how to configure this.
  2. ~5% of the overall NWBC related performance cases are actually caused by the NWBC or at least indirectly caused by the NWBC.
    1. One of these known issues is the IE-inherited zooming issue for integrated web dynpro applications
      1. Symptoms:
        hovering elements like the drop down list or the popup menu in the web dynpro application need more time to open – if compared to a zooming factor of 100%.
      2. Workaround:
        Note 1496565 - Zooming in Internet Explorer and others is not supported
    2. Apply NWBC runtime patches:
      Note 1353538 - NWBC -Patch Collection- SERVER SIDE (ABAP)+NWBC for HTML
      in the earlier patches there have been some performance fixes but we haven´t had any issues since a long time, hence most probably this will not solve your performance issue if you have a major one, but it will fix anyhow lots of other issues mentioned in there.
    3. Use the most current NWBC client - find here the direct download links and the Client Patch Descriptions: Prerequisites
    4. You might hit as well a limitation mentioned in here (rather rare case):
      1. Note 2446515 - SAP Business Client 6.5: Prerequisites and restrictions
      2. Note 2714160 - SAP Business Client 7.0: Prerequisites and restrictions

A sample where NWBC JAVASCRIPT would be the culprit: